Laser Tag Equipment Suit Indoor Or Outdoor Gaming

All our  laser tag guns include pier to pier radio hit feedback system

Welcome to DDTR Lasertag. If you are looking for commercial grade laser tag guns to start part-time mobile laser tag business or dedicated full-time indoor or outdoor laser tag battlefield, we can tailor make packages to suit your business.

Tag Commander Live ™ is a live scoring system from DDTR. Available early 2018.

All our Laser Tag Guns Include As Standard

  • Radio (gun to gun communication).
  • Wired to the gun head sensor.
  • Wired to the gun dual colour scope.
  • Vibrate motor (simulate recoil).
  • Full-colour display.
  • Headband.

Wired to gun sensor versus wireless sensor.


Laser Tag Equipment-All Ages-All Action-No Pain.

Our laser tag guns are commercial grade, constructed from high-quality aluminium, made in Australia. We don’t use potentially harmful lasers, all our laser tag guns use lensed infra-red emitter diode, meaning you can use our laser tag guns outdoors, with ranges of over 150 metres. The output power of the infra-red emitter diode can be adjusted to a lower output level, ensuring our laser tag guns can be used indoors. DDTR technology is completely safe and can be used by players of all ages! Check out our video to see it in action. WATCH VIDEO

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