DT 1 Software

  • Easy to navigate menu. Back to Previews Menu or Main Menu. If a mistake is made during setting up no need to start from beginning.
  • Full-colour display.
  • Real-time RF hit feedback.
  • Five pre-sets. The referee can reconfigure the weapon from one of the pre-sets via IR.
  • Scoring and weapon status are displayed on the player’s screen.
  • Rental mode. Limited functions.
  • Player Start. Use when testing weapon. Not recommended for gameplay.
  • Referee Start. When the weapons are turned on with the key they power up and go into standby mode. The weapons remain in standby until Game Start RF signal is transmitted.
  • When the game ends the weapons are immobilized. The player can toggle between Game Over image and their score statistics by pressing the reload button (Red).
  • Visual hit feedback through the scope. Duel colour scope. If red used for targeting the green will flash to indicate a hit or kill (once for hit and twice for a kill).
  • Audio feedback to indicate hit, kill or dead.
  • Software controlled display orientation. Regardless how the display is fitted into the weapon the display can be adjusted to suit.
  • Simple diagnostic which will test RF, IR, Muzzle Led’s and Head Sensor Led’s.


Check out our DT1 video, which covers all the features and functions of our software.


Multiple Game Modes

  • Multiple game modes available for configuration.
  • Full zombies functionality with both Haunted and Apocalypse game mode support.
  • Cure box adds variation and action to the Zombies modes, allowing players to cure themselves of the zombie virus.

Weapon Emulations

  • Configure gaming equipment to a wide variety of weapon emulations.
  • Accurate, realistic sound effects span from pistols and submachine guns to rifles and light machine guns.

Utility and Gameplay Options

  • The DT1 software allows the gaming equipment to be configured to medic boxes, ammo boxes or a combination of both for player use.
  • Our claymore mine (or any piece of gaming equipment with DT1 software) can also be used as a ‘mine’ that can be player activated or use the accelerometer to detect enemy movement.
  • The repeater function allows an operator to place gaming equipment in areas with low radio signal to reach other equipment in other areas of the field.