All our Laser Tag Guns, Red Dot Scope & Head Sensor are wired to the guns.

Our competitors say this is old fashion, old technology. At first, it seems they are correct, but from an operators point of view with wireless system extra units to charge, red dot scopes not wired to gun means forever replacing batteries because some forgot to turn them off. The wireless head sensor uses Bluetooth ®  technology this means the sensor and the gun are matched pairs. Between battles, the units have to be kept together this means more staff to ensure they don’t get separated.

Red dot scope wired to the gun, why this is a preferred method:

  • Scope wired to the gun draws power from the laser tag gun battery.
  • When the gun is turned off so is the scope.
  • Not having to rely on the staff to switch the scope off.
  • No ongoing cost replacing the scopes battery.

The disadvantage of wireless head sensors:

  • Require their own power source.
  • Now you have doubled the units that require charging.
  • Another unit to turn off.
  • A staff member is required to ensure the head sensor and gun are kept as a matched unit. Means players have to line up to return the weapons.
  • The mismatch will cause a problem where the player will not be able to take hits.
  • Allows players to cheat by exchanging the head sensor. Means the player can shoot other players while being immune from taking hits. 

Advantages of wiring head sensors to laser tag gun :

  • Power to the head sensor is drawn from laser tag gun.
  • Only one unit to charge.
  • Just a single unit that requires being turned off.
  • No need to have staff handling the return of the guns, players can just place them in the appropriate place no need to line up.
  • This saves on downtime, allowing for a smooth transition between games.
  • Fewer staff members required, quicker turnaround between games means more customers which equal greater profit.