Main Board Features

Main Board

  • Board mounted RF moduleĀ and changedĀ antenna connector, reducing the overall size of the board and increasing reliability.
  • Extra In/Out ports have been added for future use.
  • Accelerometer has been installed. Currently used to booby-trap the mines.
  • New style connectors for more secure fitting.
  • Back up battery for internal clock.
  • The micro SD card locks into the card holder, preventing the card falling out.


  • Full colour screen.
  • Display window 28 X 28 mm. (128 X 128 pixels).
  • In the menu, you can orient the display through 360 degrees. (No more turning the weapon on its side to read the screen).
  • Lives, ammunition and reloads displayed as a bar graph. (At a glance you can see your weapons status).

Rumble Pack

  • A vibrating motor has been added into the handle. This adds to the player game experience.
  • While shooting the motor vibrate simulating recoil. (This option can be turned off in the menu to conserve battery life).
  • If a player is hit a slight vibration is felt and if killed the motor vibrates for a longer period.


  • Telescopic and red dot scopes are dual colours.
  • Red or Green. Selected in the set up menu.
  • If Red selected then the Green dot will flash to indicate hit or kill (once for hit twice for kill). Same if Green selected then the Red will flash.