Laser tag guns Suitable for Indoor or Outdoor

DDTR Lasertag manufacture high quality laser tag equipment for commercial use. Our laser tag guns are made tough to last. Click button below picture for more detail description.

Laser Tag Guns

Mac 11 Machine Pistol

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Scorpion SMG

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M9 Pistol

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Master Controller

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Medic Box

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Battle Box

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Claymore Mine

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  • No Central Computer – totally portable, a true stand-alone laser tag system.
  • Different models with a different maximum range in order to encourage teamwork. Ranging from the Scorpion and MP7 (110m) up to the Morita (160m+)
  • Simple turn-key solution – laser tag guns store previous settings for super quick set up times.
  • Super Advanced Optic Head Sensors featuring the latest Vishay components.
  • ALL lase tag guns fitted with a gun sensor in order to prevent cheating or blind fire.
  • Integrated and built-in head sensors preventing player removal during missions.
  • Robust Aluminium or polycarbonate plastics used in laser tag gun construction.
  • Scopes powered by the main unit battery, significantly reducing the ongoing cost of ownership.
  • Massive 4000mAh or 2800mAh NiMH battery meaning less battery charges less often – up to 48 hours use from a single charge.
  • Water resistant speakers and cases to keep working no matter what the environment.
  • 433MHz Commercial Communication Band – used worldwide with no need for any ongoing licence or cost. Ideally suited to short range communication.
  • Multi-coloured LED muzzle flash and sensor hit LED (White, Red and Blue).
  • Eye-safe infrared transmission, No lasers used in our laser tag guns!

Spare Parts

We also offer a full range of spare parts for maintenance of your laser tag guns, including:

  • Upgrades
  • Batteries, red dot and scopes
  • Main PCB’s
  • Displays
  • Speakers
  • Switches and plugs
  • Leads
  • Antennas, cables and brackets
  • Sensors, domes and cables
  • Lenses
  • Accessories

Contact our team for more information. Parts-Accessories